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Our mouths play an integral role in our overall development. They help us learn how to chew and swallow, and affect the way our speech progresses. As such, it is important to implement the necessary oral health care in children at a young age.

Taking control of your child’s oral hygiene now can help shape great habits and create strong, healthy teeth for the rest of their lives. As a specialist paediatric dentist, Dr Diane Tay helps parents introduce their children to good oral health care from an early age. With a focus on educating children about their mouths, teeth and gums in a fun and stimulating way, Dr Tay and her team of specialists make going to the dentist a pain-free experience.

Give your child regular dental check-ups with a fun and friendly kids’ dentist

Our specialist paediatric services involve general maintenance, diagnoses, and treatment plans to aid with the management of your child’s oral health care. We’ve created a child-friendly environment so your little one can feel at ease when it comes to professional dental care. To safeguard your child’s oral health, regular check-ups will enable us to assess your child’s developing mouth and implement the necessary preventative and therapeutic care.

In addition to regular dental maintenance, we can provide restorative treatments, minor oral surgery, and attend to dental emergencies for children from infancy to age 18. If your child is medically-compromised or has special needs, we can provide the dental care they need using specialised sedation for children and other methods appropriate to their age and condition. We help instill good oral health from an early age so our patients can reap the benefits of healthy teeth and gums well into their adulthood.

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