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Dental health plays a vital role in your child’s overall general health, which is why it is important to pay attention to it from an early age. Dr Diane Tay provides preventive and therapeutic oral health care to children from infancy to 18. As a specialist paediatric dentist servicing Erskineville, Dr Tay offers regular check-ups for management and development, as well as complex care and extensive treatments where required.

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By forming good oral hygiene habits early on, your child can enjoy the benefits of strong, healthy teeth for life. With a preventive care program specially tailored to your child, you can help protect their teeth from childhood. Dr Tay and her team of specialists focus on turning trips to the dentist into a fun, educational experience to stimulate your child’s curiosity for their oral health.

As well as general maintenance, our paediatric dentist specialises in providing expert oral hygiene advice, restorative dental care, extractions, minor oral surgery and custom-fitted mouthguards. Each of our treatments are conducted in a safe, warm and nurturing environment, thus reducing the anxiety that often comes with visiting the dentist.

Having trained in the specialty area of paediatric dentistry, Dr Tay can also treat children who are medically-compromised, and children who have special needs. This involves providing the appropriate oral health and orofacial care for problems related to developmental, behavioural and physical disabilities.

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From diagnosis to treatment, we provide comprehensive oral health care for all children and adolescents. Call us today to make a consultation appointment with a specialist paediatric dentist in Erskineville. This is the ideal way to introduce your child to the importance of oral hygiene, and to enable us to determine a treatment and management plan best suited to not only your child’s teeth, but to their coping abilities as well. We believe in finding the right methods to make trips to the dentist an easy and comfortable experience for both you and your child.

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